Wednesday 11 September 2013

How to run php program?

I already introduced about what is PHP  and how to install XAMPP, Now in this tutorial i'll tell you how to write PHP program and run in the local server.

Step 1
Assume you have installed XAMPP in C drive
Go to C:\xampp\htdocs

Create your own folder, name it as akshay 

Stpe 2
Now write your first php program in notepad and save it to folder akshay name as "test.php"

  <title> My first php program </title>
             echo "<h3> PHP program to add tow real numbers.. </h3><br/>";
              $a = 10;
              $b = 12;
              $c = $a + $b;  //assignment operator
             echo "Addition:"  . $c;

Step 3
Now double click on "XAMPP CONTROL PANEL" on desktop and START "Apache"

Step 4

Type localhost on your browser and press enter:
It will show you the following:

Step 5
Now type the following on the address bar in browser
Below Screenshot shows php files created under folder "akshay"

Step 6
Click on "test.php" and it will give you following output

The RESULT is 22 by adding both the values.
This way you can run your php program in XAMPP server…

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